Helio Lighting Competition


LAMP Competition 2016


Product Designer


Lighting Consultant: Light Studio LA


Product Design




Proposal 2016


15.25”, Height: 29.625”, Depth: 6.625”

About the Project

Helio is a multifaceted light concept that introduces a modular design and configurations that glow with the subtly striking spectrum of colors observed in the cosmos. Helio’s modules can be combined to take on endless shapes and formations to suit its context: rigorous, orderly and architectural or with a constellation-like freedom. Just as a star’s brightness cycles over time, so can Helio’s. One Helio module is like a lone star, emanating light with variable, user controlled intensity from a single antenna. When Helios are installed in arrays, they transcend mere function and become functional art installations that embody the ever-changing beauty of the cosmos. The intensity of the indirect light of each module can be adjusted from dim to bright depending on the positioning of the antenna. Helio comprises a recycled anodized aluminum frame upon which coated dental glass reflectors are laminated. The antenna is an adjustable lever made using recycled sheet aluminum enveloping a 3500k LED strip softened with an opal glass diffuser. It is pushed or pulled to modulate the quantity and quality of light and can be recessed for a backlit option, casting shadows from the frame upon the mounting surface.