Lionheart Food Halls

Richland, Ohio & Terre-Haute, Indiana


Lionheart Capital


Design Architect




Commercial Retail


Designed 2020



About the Project

DFA was approached to redesign two food courts in shopping malls in Richland, Ohio and Terre-Haute, Indiana in the most effective and economical way possible. The goal was to use the least amount of resources to transform a space from the dated and highly ornamental spaces suburban malls have largely become, into a refreshing and inviting modern space. DFA’s objective was to use as much natural light as possible, redesigning the lighting of the space to be more efficient in its energy consumption. Reimagining how the space is lit allowed us to create a healthier environment and a better building. The design focused on using wood and natural materials to bring a natural warmth to the otherwise sterile environment while pulling attention towards the food vendors and creating elements of interest in the space. Longer seating arrangements were created to allow for more social interaction; we added standing counters for people who are making a quicker stop or want to have more informal meetings; and created a stepped seating area where people can eat, hang out and play. The spaces are transformed from the unhealthy and dark remnants of three decades ago, to refreshing new spaces where a whole community will want to gather and enjoy their food and their time.