Pier 40 2100

Hudson River Park, New York




Master Planner, Design Architect


Adaptive Reuse, New Construction


Mixed-Use; Commercial, Retail & Culture; Public Space


Proposal 2018

About the Project

New York City’s sea level is expected to rise 11-30 inches by 2050 and between 50 to 75 inches by 2100, with the majority of current buildings not designed to accommodate such inevitable changes. DFA’s vision for Pier 40, a 15-acre structure in the Hudson River that is greatly in need of repairs, takes a longer-term view with comprehensive design approach for the future. Following an analysis of the zoning and state of existing piles, DFA identified areas that are fit for supporting clusters of program influenced by the Pier’s predominant recreational use and addressing a city-wide need for affordable housing. From this four tower typologies ranging between 96- to 455-feet tall emerge as viable options for spreading 450-units and a variety of housing density across the site. Combining the analysis with design, DFA utilized an algorithm to determine the optimal location for each tower type, determining that each tower must have at least three structurally sound connection points to support the weight/load. The Pier’s existing structure is optimized for performance as the foundation for a New York’s community today, tomorrow and until the year 2100.