Vince Camuto

New York, NY


Vince Camuto


Design Architect


Commercial Retail


Completed 2011


3,500 sq ft

About the Project

For the roll-out of Vince Camuto’s standalone stores, DFA designed architecture that is both tailored and sophisticated, yet perfectly adapted to the accessible nature of the brand. Each store showcases two separate designer collections and the architecture deployed had to provide differentiation. This was accomplished by using bright white and frosted glass to create a freshly clinical look for the retailer’s more accessible brand. The more upscale clothing and accessories are housed in darker lacquered boxes, lined with polished brass. Color, material, and finish choices were played against one another: dark warm tones against stark, polished textures, and muted surfaces against shiny. The languid glow of the ceiling was created using a Barisol canopy. Vince Camuto’s criss-crossing diamond motif, typical in the tufted leather of its handbags, was deployed in the floor, wall panelling, and Newmat ceiling.